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reactions as well as the finnish defense minister. >> that will do it for "countdown." ' we'll see you tomorrow, everyone. have a great day. . >> welcome to "on the move." i am manus cranny. bloomberg's european headquarters in london. moments for the start of european trading. our team has everything covered. here with me now is jon ferro. david tweed is also standing by. john, let's kick it off with you. the ukraine situation. the russian markets are beginning to react. >> some of the biggest drop since 2009. every single stock on that index is heading lower. the russian central bank, a little surprise for us. they will cut rates. they said that increase is intended to prevent inflation. i will tell you what it does not present. that is political risk. it is a big deal. >> some of the companies. rom produce a lot of gas for the european region. that is under pressure. let's turn our attention into david tweed. he is in berlin. of course, the european ministers are meeting. is, how faruestion will they be prepared to go? last night that the u.s. treasury secretary have spoken about th
and defense unit that have merged together and they have cut some 6000 jobs. 292one charge for that is million euros. some big numbers. >> that is something that is happening in the industry as a whole. the marketppointed will be, we'll find out at the open. david miles crossing the bloomberg terminal. he is a bank of england policymaker. he has spoken to the bbc and interesting comments about what martin weill said last week that we may have a rate cycle fall next year. that nexts saying year might be the right time. no certainty. there is still a bit of slack in the economy. rate may bemal lower than normal. >> at 9:30 we get the number. 0.7% is what is expected by economists. he will keep an eye out for that. " is they will continue our coverage of airbus. it grew 21%. that will do it for "countdown." we will see you again tomorrow. ♪ . . move."ome to "on the momus to go before the start of the trading day. here with me now is caroline hyde. ferro, and hans nichols. john, what is driving the numbers? >> profit is up by 20%. big charges for the a350 and the structuring cost as well
suggest on the dollar? against emerging market assets? -- >> we haveo be to be tactically defensive on emerging markets. we are facing a highly volatile time. i'm going to use the proxy in those cases, they work better as a hedge than the real thing. it is at risk if we go into this escalation scenario. toit is used by investors express a view for the region as a whole. that is a bit of an ecstatic trade, but it works really well. >> -- exotic trade him a but it works really well? >> what does romania have that poland doesn't? >> it is less vulnerable to swings in investor sentiment. romania is more defensive than poland. i would assume shorting against the euro will work just as well. >> the russian stock market does look ready cheap compared to other emerging markets. 4.7 times estimated earnings, which is below india, brazil. in andhould you get an m buy? the russian stock market has been cheap for a very long time, so i do not see that -- >> do you think russian outflows will continue? it is a big risk. it will be driven by geopolitics. >> to buy for joining us today. >> -- than
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3